Utica Jewelry & Loan is not your average pawn shop.

Come visit us to see firsthand how we are changing the game. We pride ourselves with bringing customer satisfaction and quality service . Our team of experts are passionate about what they do and will work with you to get top dollar for your items.



We provide an invaluable service to people in need of short-term loans. We also offer customers the opportunity to purchase new and pre-owned merchandise at a great deal. 

We are here to serve our community. To offer immediate relief with a short-term loan. To provide the highest standard of quality, commitment, and value to every customer in our Loyalty Pawn Family.


The pawnshop industry is misunderstood and massively misrepresented. Just like any industry, there is the good and the bad. We want to be a beacon of light that is here to serve and provide for our local communities when they’re in need.