Buy & Sell Diamonds in Utica, Michigan

What are the different types of diamonds? 

From cut, to color, to clarity, quality, chemical makeup, etc. there is an immense amount of variance in the diamond market, that creates a wide range of value, rarity, etc. 

At Utica Jewelry and Loan we aim to educate our clients and ensure that are receiving the greatest value, whether buying or selling. With a GIA certified appraiser on staff / on-site we are positioned to deliver the level of detail you deserve throughout your buying or selling process. 

Below you will find some important educational content on a wide range of diamonds

 Key to note - there are 2 categories that are used to classify a diamond:
  • Type I (contains nitrogen impurities)
  • Type II (without nitrogen impurities).

Within these categories, they can be further broken down into 5 sub-categories:

  • Type 1a
  • Type 1b
  • Type 1aB
  • Type 2a
  • Type 2b

What is diamond color?

In nature, diamonds are found in almost every color and hue you can possibly imagine; grey, white, yellow, red, green, pink and brown. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually very rare to find a diamond that doesn’t have any color at all.

When it comes to grading color, GIA had devised a system of describing diamonds in the normal range with letters from D (colorless) to Z (light brown or yellow). If the intensity of color in a diamond is stronger than a Z, then the fancy color grading system is utilized instead.